Sample List of Hemp and Renewable Companies in the United States and Canada


Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps - We make organic and Fair Trade soaps and body care products. We share our profits and energy with our workers and worthwhile causes worldwide.

Green Field Paper Company - Since 1992, our Green Field handmade papers have been crafted one sheet at a time in Southern California, while our machine-made Hemp Heritage paper (25% hemp) is manufactured exclusively for us in New England, home of the first American paper mills.

Nutiva - We sell certified organic hemp oil, gel caps, hemp and flax food bars, shelled hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, and organic coconut oil. Retail and wholesale. We donate 1% of sales to non-profits as our commitment to "nourishing people and planet."

The Hemp Connoisseur - The Hemp Connoisseur is a quarterly publication whose beliefs are in educating on the environmental, economic and health benefits of the cannabis sativa plant.

Hemp Oil Canada, Inc. - Procurement, processing, marketing & distribution of both retail brand hemp food and hemp body care products. Also offering bulk wholesale, private label and custom processing.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods - A vertically integrated processor based in the heart of hemp country. Hempseed Oil, Hempseed Nut, Hempseed Nut Butter, Hempseed Flour (Protein), Hemp Milk. 

Accelerate Solar - Independent energy systems installer in North and South Carolina (i.e. solar, photovoltaics, PV, battery back ups)


Hemp Technologies, LLC 

EnviroTextiles, LLC 

Hemp Traders 

And many more...