Hemp Chicken Bedding Benefits

Chicken Coop Before Hemp Chicken Bedding
Chicken in grass | Hemp bedding for chickens

Hemp Chicken Bedding Application in 4 Steps and Pricing

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American Hemp Chicken, Horse, and Animal Bedding


Mary (Chicken Owner And Farmer From Michigan)

"The farmer crew is very happy with the hemp bedding. They are primarily using it for our chickens, because they have been trying to find ways to keep the eggs as clean as possible with minimal resource utilization. They said the eggs and coop are the cleanest they have ever been, and the bedding has been a significant factor."

Jill (Chicken Owner From Illinois)

"We just completed our first winter using hemp and will never use anything else!

Carolina Coops , Urban Chicken, and American Hemp Deep Litter Bedding Method for Backyard Chickens (Hens)

American Hemp and Carolina Coops Talk History of Hemp in America and Benefits of American Hemp Chicken Bedding