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"We have worked with the hemp for over 3 months and are very impressed with how low dust it is!

The volume of waste is minimal, in comparison to shavings, and hemp decomposes very quickly."

Carmine (Horse Owner From Texas)

"The farmer crew is very happy with the hemp bedding. They are primarily using it for our chickens, because they have been trying to find ways to keep the eggs as clean as possible with minimal resource utilization. They said the eggs and coop are the cleanest they have ever been, and the bedding has been a significant factor."

Mary (Chicken Owner And Farmer From Michigan)

"I use hemp for all applications of my aviary, including nest boxes, breeding cages, and bedding on the flight floor. It's so amazing I wouldn't think of ever using anything else.  Its soft enough for eggs and newly hatched chicks, dust free, super absorbent, and keeps the aviary totally odor free!"

Pet Owner From Oregon

Our Hemp Story

The idea of American Hemp LLC was formed in 2009 and incorporated in 2010. American Hemp is a supplier of industrial hemp grown for bast fibers and hurd for animal bedding (horse, chicken, and small pets) and hempcrete. 

American Hemp sees the necessity of cultivating the natural fiber crop industrial hemp, because of its ability to help create sustainable products for our everyday lives. Our expertise is in supply and supply chain management relating to the industrial hemp crop. We work globally with companies from around the world to provide hemp to our customers.

Hemp is a sustainable material that can be used to locally produce biodegradable textiles, paper, animal bedding (equine/horsepoultry (chicken), guinea pig, etc.) packaging materials, biocomposites, and construction materials (hempcrete, fiberboard, insulation, etc.). 

Industrial hemp has one of the highest yields per acre of any natural fiber crop. The bast fibres produced are lightweight and have a high tensile strength. In 2014 Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm Bill allowed industrial hemp variety trials to be conducted in states where hemp was legal to cultivate. The number of states that allowed hemp cultivation rose from ~8 states in 2013 to ~28 states in 2017. The Farm Bill of 2018 passed with language that allows hemp to be treated as an agricultural commodity. Hemp varieties grown in other countries are grown with low or exempt, government regulated levels of THC. 

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Bast fibers (long or short):

Textiles, Building materials  Biocomposites, and Paper

Hurd (core)

Animal bedding (equine i.e. horsechicken, and small animals like guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.)  and Hempcrete

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