Hemp Bast Fiber

hemp bast fiber

Bast Fiber Prototyping and Testing

Example Testing:
• Tensile
• Flexural
• Density
• Dimensional
• Microscopy
• Thermal

ExampleDesign and Prototyping
• Wovens for Fabrics
• Non-Wovens forInsulation and Growing Mediums
• Composites for Building and Automotive


Microscopic Images of Hemp Bast Fibers

microscopic hemp image
microscopic hemp image
non woven matt

Non-Woven Matt

Other Plant-Based Bast Fibers, Biomass, and Recycled Fibers Offered Include:


• Kenaf

• Jute

• Organic Cotton

• Cotton Stalks

• Miscanthus

• Denim Scraps

post harvest cotton stalks

Post Harvest Cotton Stalks



denim scraps

Denim Scraps